September 16, 2019
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Disarmament and International Security Committee

Preventing the Illicit Arms Trade

Federal Republic of Somalia

Forest Hills Eastern

Api Sen


Many nations throughout the world face an ongoing threat of armed conflict and violence. With mass killings, murders, and terrorism advancing in today’s society, preventing the trade of illegal weapons must come to an end. Despite the United Nations efforts in limiting the act, the trading of these weapons, particularly small arms and light weapons (SA/LW), has been on the rise due to their portability compared to military-grade weaponry. The Disarmament and International Security Committee must come together as a whole and reconsider what went wrong that one 2014 committee was unfit to solve with the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). With 105 member nations signing and an additional 33 up for ratification- the treaty was seen as unfit and weak to many around the world. 


As a representative of the Federal Republic of Somalia, our nation’s government praises that members of the United Nations recognize Somalia as apart of the global initiative in preventing the illicit arms trade. Many of our nation’s citizens fear those in high power, especially in the Horn of Africa, and much of this power is backed up by those supplying such weaponry; therefore groups lead by leaders such as Al-Shabab remain at the top of the hierarchy. As a nation that has been at war with itself for nearly thirty years, we claim to be at conflict with none other than ourselves. Outsider nations looking to resolve Somalian conflicts are not needed at this moment and President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed requests members of the United Nations to focus on Somalia’s long-standing importation restrictions. Resolution 2444 (2018) restricts the importation of weapons and other valuables into the Federal Republic of Somalia limiting our citizens in receiving illicit arms from an outsider nation. Due to this analysis, the conflict is simply not recognized by the Federal Republic of Somalia due to these restrictions and will focus on lifting said sanctions placed by the signers of Resolution 2444.


The Federal Republic of Somalia in support of preventing the illicit arms trade globally, and respects nations attempting to create a society for the betterment of all. As the members of the United Nations work to resolve the ongoing threat to the world, President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed alongside his government will continue working towards lifting sanctions to reconsider resolution 2444 in limiting Somalian imports. As the illicit arms trade does not affect Somalian citizens due to the stated resolution, the Federal Republic of Somalia wishes the best of luck to the Disarmament and International Security Committee along with the United Nations.

  • Api Sen

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