September 16, 2019
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Special Political Committee (SPECPOL)

Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

International Drug Crisis

Will Roossien

Forest Hills Eastern


Trinidad and Tobago has a long history of drug trafficking. Drug trafficking has been a very difficult problem for our country and it has been existent in our country for decades. Trinidad and Tobago was an area many drug traffickers used from Venezuela and Columbia since the 1980’s. This proved to be a crisis due to our country being used as a passageway. This lead to the production of the Dangerous Drugs Act that was enacted back in 2015. This showed a great impact on the drug trafficking operations running through our country.

Trinidad and Tobago has made an impact on the trafficking process with laws being put into place such as the Dangerous Drugs Act of 2015 which stated that anyone caught with anything deemed a dangerous drug that person would be forced to pay three times the street value and serve twenty five years to a life sentence. Over all, the Act was unsuccessful in completely stopping drug trafficking and also failed to decrease the amount of recorded crimes. Trinidad and Tobago wants to lower the amount of overdoses as well as create a safer environment for our citizens.

As Trinidad and Tobago, we believe that the committee should create a resolution that makes all drugs deemed dangerous and illegal carrying a life sentence if caught trafficking. This would make it more dangerous for traffickers to bring these drugs through the countries with this law. The countries with borders that are being flooded by illegal immigrants, where said country is unable to stop the influx of immigrants would see a decrease in trafficking due to the insertion of an amendment that would strengthen borders. If the resolution would be enacted each country would have the right to deem a drug dangerous based on the country’s beliefs and how each drug affects each country.Trinidad and Tobago hopes this committee collaborates to efficaciously address the systematic blight of drug trafficking. Certain drugs can have medical advantages and should be regulated by a country’s government.

  • Will Roossien