September 16, 2019
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Special Political Committee (SPECPOL)

Crisis in Libya

Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Will Roossien

Forest Hills Eastern


Libya has not had a stable government in over eight years. A revolution and two civil wars that sparked these conflicts that lead the country into ruin. Thousands of displaced Libians have been left without access to clean water or electricity. This crisis is important because the lives of thousands are at stake. We believe that large countries should ultimately be the first ones to take in refugees. These inhumane conditions are also accompanied by oppressive militias.  

The crisis in Libya is one that Trinidad and Tobago has never experienced. Trinidad and Tobago do not see this as a pressing matter and are more concerned with the displaced people illegally entering our country. Trinidad and Tobago believes that homeland and border security are an important matter and that our citizens safety is a number one priority. Trinidad and Tobago does not have the resources to have a background check on every immigrant, and should not be liable to take in a large influx of refugees when our country does not have the resources or the space. This would lower the standard of living for our citizens and increase their taxes due to the need for resources.

Trinidad and Tobago believes that our committees resolution should include a way to assure border security and would ask for a country to take in these refugees that is able to support them. This is important to our country and we would like to seek out other countries that may have the same views as us, and that could help in the drafting of a resolution. Trinidad and Tobago is a small island country. We are completely unable to support refugees and completely oppose the idea of bringing in refugees. Our resources are to scrarce without refugees and would hurt the local economy as well as our citizens.


  • Will Roossien