September 16, 2019
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Submitted to : Disarmament & International Security Committee 

From : Socalist Republic of Vietnam 

Subject : Private Military Contractors 


The world has been plagued by conflict since the dawn of man itself. With this, many militaries have used civilian contractors which have been disastrous to developing nations. The topic before the Disarmament & International Security Committee in the general assembly is as stated before, private military contractors. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam believes that these contractors are destructive to developing nations and they are used by corporations as well as other nations to change political regimes or policies in nations. 


To understand the problem we must understand the effect that PMC ( Private Military Contractors ) have in third world nations. An example is the Katanga inccient during the congo crisis . There was a company of Irish peacekeepers ( around 158 soldiers ) stationed in a remote base in katanga in the DR of the Congo. This base was attacked by 3,000 PMCs lead by an ex French Forighin legion commander. These men were hired by the heads of the mining companies because the democratically elected president wanted to nationalize the mines to benefit his citizens. The president was assassinated by the PMCs, causing political turmoil.  This delegation has also seen the effects of private military contractors. During our wars for independence foreign powers used civilian contractors to commit acts they did not wish to have done by the foreign military powers. These actions have drastic effects on the nation of Vietnam fueling an opium epidemic. 

Any good resolution done by this committee must work to regulate the use of private military contractors by large nations which are used for the aims of political or economic change in a nation. This is a vital part in protecting developing nations from violent influences from other nations and corporations. Another vital part will be to punish the crimes committed by PMCs. For far too long, the crimes of civilian contractors have gone unpunished. Punishment and regulation of these are two vital parts in a resolution that this committee passes. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is looking forward to working with all nations and hopes we can solve the problems caused by Private Military Contractors.   

  • Jackson Wicka

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