September 16, 2019
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Jade Tarango

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Ebola is an illness that affects primarily humans and primates that takes the life of about 50% of its victims. The first outbreaks of Ebola originally occurred in Central Africa; however, it has have spread quickly to other countries through bodily fluids and improper burial methods. Currently, there is no proven way to prevent or cure the disease, however, modern efforts have improved treatment options. In the past, the United Nations has declared Ebola as a “threat to peace and security”The Bahamas has currently never had an outbreak of Ebola and would like to focus on the prevention of the disease as it would spread quickly through the tropical climate of Africa and reach other countries urgently if precautions are not taken. In response to past threats to the country such as hurricanes or the lymphatic Filariasis outbreak, the Bahamas have urged to create a more sustainable country that will be resilient to future dangers. Therefore, the county of Bahamas is eager to protect from any cases of the disease entering the borders of any foreign nations.


Due to Ebola not affecting the Bahamas, the Bahamas has not taken steps of actions against Ebola. Approximately 82.5% of citizens live in urban areas, which allows a communicable disease to spread throughout the country extremely quickly. At a press conference discussing public health concerns, Hubert Minnis, the prime minister, states, “as persons engaged in international shipping and trade you are acutely aware that the security of all nations of the world is threatened by the Ebola Virus Disease. The Bahamas Maritime Authority’s Technical Alert has provided you with guidance to be adopted as a matter of urgency on all Bahamian ships in the affected areas. Collectively, we must define measures to reduce the risks of exposure of crews and citizens alike.” He also states how collectively there shall be efforts made to reduce the risk of exposure to citizens.


In order to prevent the downfall of our economy, and ultimately the global economy, due to an Ebola disease outbreak, the Bahamas proposes the UN to increase border control and customs. Due to the isolated nature of the country, the Bahamas attempts to remain in contact with other diseased nations so the customs can remain standardized. The only effective way to combat Ebola is prevention. As a majority of the economy thrives on marine trade, checks and regulations around the coasts should also be strongly enforced. The World Health Organization reports that 240 health care workers have contracted Ebola while working with patients. As a result, 120 of them have died. This shows the urgent need for more strict procedures when dealing with bodily fluids. With stricter procedures and border control increased, the spread of Ebola will decrease and the economy will thrive.

  • Jade Tarango

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