September 16, 2019
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Date: November 10, 2019


FROM: Republic of Korea



Ebola has been a serious epidemic through the past years. It has killed more 2190 since the epidemics first major issue in 2014. The ebola scare has been relevant since 2014. In recent times, citizens seem to think it’s mostly gone away. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the epidemic has had a second wave causing 3287 cases. How did the public completely dismiss Ebola in such a short amount of time? 

South Korea is very good at preventing infectious diseases from entering its territory. The only country directly touching it is North Korea, which with its borders, barely allows anything to get in or out. The interior help from the country is little. There are not enough resources to stop an outbreak if it came into the country. South Korea does not provide enough resources to help maintain specialized resources, that there are few. Many citizens believe that if any type of epidemic appears in South Korea it will kill many. The country does not know how to help other than telling its citizens to not be afraid. 

There are multiple ways to stop the epidemic of Ebola from spreading. There is the option of investing in vaccine study. Vaccines could be a good way to stop the spread they wouldn’t be fully developed for many years. We would have to study Ebola from the deaths and cases. We would also have to determine when would the appropriate age for injection is. Another possibility would be to check any person coming into our country to make sure they are clean. This is a much more tedious process and most of the disease would be hard to notice immediately.


South Korea believes that developing a vaccine along with other countries in the UN would give us the best possibility for the future. We could pool funds from all countries to help form the best possible outcome. This would be a large amount of money but it would be the best possible outcome. With the amount of resources necessary, much time and money would go to research, gathering supplies, and support. For now, we have to hope for the best. We have to hope that Ebola will destroy itself.

  • Meg Gierula

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