September 16, 2019
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November 10th, 2019

SUBMITTED TO: The World Health Organization

FROM: Socialist Republic of Vietnam



 Vietnam has had past disease outbreaks, the most impactful being avian influenza in 2004. Due to this, Vietnam is well versed in the practice of disease control, and with the help of the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Since the outbreak, one of our routine surveillance strategies is event-based surveillance. The CDC will monitor incoming persons and goods. Ebola spreads through human-to-human transition, more specifically bodily fluids, and blood, hence strengthening border control of the possibly infected. There are currently ten U.S. assignees and 54 local employees. On August 7th, 2019, Vietnam issued an action plan to prevent the Ebola outbreak. The Ministry of Health ordered its disease prevention steering committee, provincial departments of health, preventive medicine centers, hospitals, and relevant agencies to ready their infrastructure, equipment, and personnel. 

 One of the major questions we should ask ourselves is “What is the long-term plan to eradicate ebola?” We should discuss ideas for border control, treatment plans, testing, etc. Another key question maybe “What is the global action plan, should an outbreak occur?” We need a plan in case of emergencies, that should be equitable and agreed upon globally. How would agriculture be affected by an outbreak? What should be the procedure in schools amongst an outbreak? How would travel and transport of imports/exports be affected? These are all crucial inquiries that need to be brought up during debate. 

 Vietnam would like to see the CDC involved in a good resolution. The CDC was helpful and very crucial in fighting off our avian influenza outbreak. Whether it be a global expansion of the CDC, new standardized international policies enforced by the CDC, or simply new disease control strategies taught to other nations by the CDC, it would be incredibly resourceful to have them more heavily involved in our resolution. Another thing Vietnam would consider good resolution material is a globally standardized outbreak procedure. The procedure would generally be the same worldwide, yet with small changes to make sure it is equitable for everyone. We want to make sure that there is a standard of health agreed upon internationally, however, we want to focus in on ebola/epidemic control for the sake of this conference. 

 Vietnam wants to zero-in on target 3.3 of the UN’s sustainable development goals, I highly recommend to glance at the short web page that goes more in-depth on the entirety of goal 3 of the SDG’s. In short, the target is to end the epidemics of infectious diseases by 2030. There are multiple indicators listed on the web page to ensure we meet this target on time. We believe Ebola should be added to the list of infectious diseases hoping to be eradicated in the target. Overall, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam wants to express the importance of preparedness for a very possible future Ebola event/outbreak.


  • Brooke Orlando

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