September 16, 2019
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Topic: Libya

Committee: SPECPOL

Country: Qatar



       Hello fellow delegates and honorable chair. The crisis in Libya continues to worsen and support must be brought to this developing nation. Since 2011 there has been ongoing warfare between revolutionaries and the ruling government. The first revolution was a success, and Qatar is very much supportive of the new General National Accord that was put in. The problem that has arisen is the Libyan government has not had the proper support it requires from the United Nations. Specifically, the new Libyan government requires resources to maintain stability within its country and region. This problem of militias gaining influence and power is very common throughout the middle east and northern Africa. By taking the necessary measures and allowing Libya to maintain its culture and customs, the country could transform into the parliamentary republic it seeks to become.

       The United Nations has already sent a support mission to Libya, but it had been discontinued in 2018. In Qatar, in order to keep it safe from invasion from neighboring countries there are American bases that help guard the natural resources and people of Qatar. We are very grateful for this and think that Libya would greatly benefit from such support because of how destabilized that are. If we use the framework of the previous support groups, then we will be able to help Libya reach a place of stability

       The countries that provide the funds should help monitor and establish these programs, if they so choose to stay, they should be allowed to, but not change any course of action that the government tries to take. In order to keep Libya an independent nation there needs to be support from the United Nations military personnel to keep neighboring or other countries from invading and establishing their own imperial governments. If the United Nations does what the United States is doing in Qatar then there will be constant safety provided for them. Once the Libyan government is able to function and does not require the United Nations protection there should no longer be any foreign intervention unless it is requested by Libya. The introduction of a monitoring group may prove to be useful because that group can step in and provide support if there is a new conflict. Any threat on the sovereignty of Libya will not be taken lightly and Qatar will happily aid their Muslim brothers during any conflict.

       The first course of action that must be taken is that there needs to be funding sent to the Libyan government. The militias in Libya have arisen because the government does not have the funding it requires to carry out various tasks, such as, a well-structured schooling system, a well-trained and disciplined army that is willing to keep the country safe from any threat to the people, and a welfare program that will provide free healthcare for the people. If such action is not taken there will be severe consequences, in that there will be a continuation of human trafficking by the militias and unprecedented violence. Human trafficking has been taking place when people have tried to go to Europe through Libya, and once the Libyan border patrol takes them away, they are held in camps and often trafficked to other areas. Qatar will happily provide funding for these projects and we hope to inspire other nations to fund the cause.

       We cannot allow governmental instability to continue in Libya. We should help Libya carry out whatever actions it wishes to conduct as long as it is accepted and appreciated by the people. Otherwise, there may be further protests and that could lead to further instability. Qatar is very much willing to fund any projects that they wish to carry out as long as it does not conflict with what is stated in the United Nations Charter. Various other powers should also help train and discipline the Libyan military if they ever need to combat terrorism that takes place.



  • Salmaan Seraji-Bozorgzad

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