September 16, 2019
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For a nation to develop, for an economy to thrive, and for people to experience a high quality of life, energy is needed. For years the main source of energy has been fossil fuels. The reasons are obvious. These sources of energy are cost effective, accessible, and efficient. The only problem is the negative impact they have on the environment, which has led to the search for more eco-friendly ways to attain energy, or efforts towards renewable energy.

Because of our geographic attributes, Iraq has been one of the largest producers of fossil fuels. We have provided nations with energy for many years. We are a member of OPEC, are the second largest crude oil producer in the world, and have the fifth largest oil reserves. Our resources have been vital and continue to be vital to nations all over the globe.

Though Iraq plays a major role in the production of fossil fuels, we believe the effort for sources of renewable energy is very commendable. However, we also realize that renewable energy, although ideally it would, cannot possibly meet the energy needs of developed and developing nations. According to OPEC by 2040 the global energy needs will be 50% higher, due to 1.2 billion more people in need of transportation, billions of people in need of “adequate means of heating, cooking, and lighting”, and economic growth doubling. With this in mind, it is obvious that renewable energy cannot provide for all of the energy needs present, and the more practical fossil fuels become more appealing. They are the best source of energy for developing nations and nations that cannot afford exorbitant amounts of money on being environmentally conscious. Iraq proposes a middle line — a compromise that supports the environmental benefits of renewable energy and promotes its use and development while also recognizing the reality of the situation, which is that fossil fuels will continue to be vital to meeting energy needs. The solution should contribute funds towards developing ways to make them more environmentally friendly, such as technologies that could minimize the effects of burning fossil fuels.


Iraq hopes that a solution can be created which acknowledges that fossil fuels will be needed for the time being and will promote the development of technologies for both renewable energy and a more clean use of fossil fuels. The world’s energy needs must be met using a combination of renewable energy and fossil fuels if economies are to thrive and nations are to develop.

  • Henry Vredevelt

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