September 16, 2019
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Special Political and Decolonization Committee 

Crisis In Libya

Federal Republic of Somalia

Jacob Potter

Forest Hills Eastern


The fighting between governments in Libya create a hostile environment for citizens caught in the middle of the fighting. The effects of the civil war has left thousands of people displaced internally, stranded without basic needs such as water or electricity. With rival governments fighting for control of the country, important issues cannot be resolved and citizens suffer the consequences. Peace cannot be achieved until a political agreement is reached between the General Khalifa Haftar with the House of Representatives(HOR), the General Nations Congress(GNC), and the United Nations backed Government of National Accord(GNA). 


As a country that faces similar issues to those faced by Libya, Somalia understands how governments fighting for control can damage a nation. Somalia has been in Civil War since 2011, and has seen the effects of ongoing violence on citizens firsthand. With Islamic groups causing chaos and damage throughout the country, Somalia, with help from other countries, has fought the issue and reduced the Islamic groups to the point in which the national government maintains control. Nevertheless, Somalia cannot create peace throughout the country with the ongoing presence of Islamic Militants and rival governments in many areas. The national government maintains limited control and power over the country, resulting in many issues being left unresolved. The same is true in Libya, where few issues can be resolved as rival governments remain unwilling to cooperate. The UN has sent support missions to restore public security and promote law in Libya, and has initiated economic recovery. With UN help, human rights and public services will need to be protected. Somalia supports United Nations intervention to resolve the issues and end the Civil war to stop the chaos.


Somalia urges a resolution to be made between the GNC, HoR, and GNA, to end the fighting. The UN must help unite the country to create peace for its citizens. Somalia encourages the UN to implement peacekeepers into Libya to alleviate the conflict and prevent further skirmishes. Furthermore, the UN should urge the HoR, GNC, and GNA to create a singular government that can solve the issues facing Libyian citizens. Diplomatic means should be used to urge General Haftar, as well as the GNC, to cooperate. If the United Nations fails to regulate the situation, violence, chaos, and the deaths of more innocent people will persist.

  • Jake Potter

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