September 16, 2019
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SUBMITTED TO: United Nations Development Programme

FROM: The Socialist Republic of Vietnam

SUBJECT: Eradication of Poverty


Poverty is a global issue that no nation is immune to. The root causes of this issue in every country stems from the lack of basic structures in society such as infrastructure, education, transportation, healthcare, economic resources, and technology. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam was heavily plagued by this problem, but has taken measures in the past decades to improve the welfare of our citizens. The Vietnam War caused a major set back in the productivity of our nation, devastating the agricultural industry leading to a spike in our poverty rate. The poverty rate has fallen from nearly 60 percent in the 1990s to about 20 percent in 2010 due to the implementation of a Steering Committee to help the Prime Minister with implementation of strategy and programs; the strategies and programs being Comprehensive Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy (CPRGS), Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility Programme(PRGF), and Poverty Reduction Credit Support Programme (PRSC). The programmes helped with development of rural and urban areas economically and socially within Vietnam, significantly decreasing the overall poverty rate of our nation.

This committee should address the topic of eradicating poverty by encouraging nations to create their own steering committees to help develop guidelines to build economic and social stability in regions heavily impacted by poverty. The committee can help set up a framework for the development of these steering committees. There should also be encouragement of the implementation of the PRGF and PRSC programmes that help with integrating macroeconomic policies with social objectives in order to reduce poverty and promote growth. The committee should also consider aspects of the CPRGS for reform for more pro-poor policies, increase in training and services for farmers, increase developement of rural infrastructure, and increased socio-economical research. Individual nations can find funding, with low interest rate loans, to implement these actions from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund through the PRGF and PRSC. All these aspects mentioned above should be considered for an effective resolution. 

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is looking forward to collaborating with other countries on this topic seeing that poverty is a global issue that must be dealt with. We are open to the ideas and opinions of other nations to combat this issue and hope an effective means of solving this issue will arise in committee. Vietnam urges nations to keep in mind the fact this problem can be significantly decreased over time with proper plans in place. Our nation hopes after this committee meets the world will be one step closer to crossing off one of the “Millennium Development Goals”.




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  • Hava Szarafinski

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