September 16, 2019
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Disarmament and International Security Committee

Private Military Contractors

United Mexican States

Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy

Malhar Amin            


Private military contractors or PMCs have been an increasing problem in recent times. They are private organizations that governments hire to fight for them. PMCs have a history of ignoring human rights, such as when they tortured and sexually assaulted prisoners in Abu Gharib. They are a problem because they are private, which means the government does not oversee them. This leads to many issues because they are free to do what they want, as in the case of Blackwater where 17 innocents were killed. PMC prosecutions are rarely brought up because of political constraints, and sometimes PMCs are given government immunity. This immunity lets PMCs be free from any form of jurisdiction which is why there are so many cases of PMCs ignoring basic human rights. PMCs are also able to evade legal repercussions, because they set up foreign subsidiaries.


In Mexico PMC hiring has seen a massive increase in recent years. This is caused by the violence because of gangs and cartels. Mexico is against the use of PMCs because they add to the violence that ravages the country and ruins lives. PMCs have been known to use excessive force especially in Libya when combating insurgent groups. In Mexico PMCs are mostly use for private reasons, rather than for the common good. A major concern about PMCs is that they undermine the governments of underdeveloped nations. This is a major problem because this causes civil unrest affecting surrounding nations.


Mexico proposes that nations refrain from using PMCs, and instead use their own militia, or no militia at all. Mexico urges the UN to pass a treaty suggesting that nations no longer enlist PMCs. Mexico would also like to see that PMCs have to answer to a court, set up in the treaty, if PMCs disregard human rights. Mexico would also like to see that nations make changes to their personal constitutions to bar PMCs from profiting in their countries. This ensures that our citizens and other nations are kept safe from the threat of PMCs.

  • Malhar Amin

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