September 16, 2019
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Russian Federation


Renewable Energy

Amelia Kocis

Royal Oak High School


With climate change approaching quicker and quicker due to the production of greenhouse gases, the need for clean renewable energy is becoming more and more prominent. Some countries are able to jump up at this opportunity to convert their energy sources. However, some countries, while they acknowledge the need, are unable to do so. Whether this is from a lack of resources, lack of policy, lack of financial resources, or so that they can protect themselves from economic ruin. According to CIA World Factbook, 22% of energy is generated by plants using renewable energy, with 21% of this being hydroelectric. This puts Russia as 84th in the world for renewable energy. Russia is aware of the need to have more clean energy sources to prevent climate change, as we adopted the Paris Climate Accords on Tuesday October 15th, 2019.( Climate Change News)

 Despite this, converting our energy would be horrendous for our economy. As one of the main producers of oil and gas in the world, using these less clean energy sources are very important to Russia’s economy. We export 96.6 billion dollars of crude petroleum, 58.4 billion dollars of refined petroleum, and 19.8 billion dollars of petroleum gas per year.( OEC) Russia hopes that the committee can come to an agreement of actions to be taken on climate change, and the spread of renewable energy. Russia also acknowledges that there are countless less developed countries that, as much as they might care about their environmental footprint, simply don’t have the means to convert to more renewable energy sources. There are more countries, so dependent on industries based around fossil fuels, and natural gases, that any change made to energy sources would wreck their economies. Russia would support a financial aid system that acknowledges the global need for renewable energy and the economic needs of individual countries, that would provide the countries without the means, resources, or industries fit for renewable energy with those means they need to convert.


Russia is very excited to work with the international community to work towards a solution that will expand the use of renewable resources on a global level, protect the economies of each individual country, and will find the best possible outcome for each individual nation.


  • Amelia Kocis