September 16, 2019
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South Korea


Water Access

Access to clean water has been a struggle of most countries throughout history. Today is one of the most devastating times for a big chunk for the world because of water accessibility. Over 1 billion people suffer from a lack of water access on a daily basis. This is caused by the increased amount of droughts and floods over the course, which is damaging the small amount of fresh water left on earth. Water accessible is a basic human need, everyone should be able to easily access water without people risking their lives.

In South Korea, we are experiencing severe drought, which is having a heavy impact on farmers and causing drinking water shortages. A lot of coastal cities such as Jindo-gun are drawing water from Lake around them to distribute across the city. The South Korean government has been trying to get farmers back on their feet and they are trying to distribute water across the country so half our population will not die of thirst.  

South Korea looks forward to speaking with all countries.



  • Lydia Maggi

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