September 16, 2019
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Dominican Republic

Special Political Committee: International Drug Trade


The international drug trade has been an issue ever since the days of the development of various trade routes such as the silk and sand roads. While synthetic and lab-developed drugs were developed much later, the issue of regulation and legality of drugs has always been a large problem within different nations and the United Nations all over the world. Starting with the Ten Year Agreement in 1907 between China and India over the drug opium, various efforts all around the world have taken place to regulate the international drug trade. Determining the legality, intervention of governments, and the reduction targets all provide for a safer place within and outside of our respective nations.


The drug trade within the Dominican Republic has always been a hot topic. As one of the main passageways of cocaine and heroin between South America and the United States, it has seen its fair share of illegal activity, impacting every one of our citizens every day of their lives. The Dominican Republic has always been one of the largest Carribean drug ports of the modern world as a result of its resources, access to the rest of the world, and its access to large shipping containers. Its relations and proximity to Venezuela, one of the main producers of cocaine allow it to be an effective route for these drugs. This directly impacts the safety of our citizens and it gives the country a bad name. As a result of this, the Dominican Republic has and will continue to work towards a better future and control the international drug trade along with those willing to work with us to control and hopefully eradicate the illegal drug trade. 


Upon the commencement of the committee, the delegation of the Dominican Republic would like to work with all countries to efficiently produce effective solutions and resolutions. This delegation would like to see resolutions that focus on reducing the demand for these illicit drugs. Reducing the demand using various UN or country-lead programs will lead to supply reduction automatically. Controlling the trafficking and sale of these drugs is also a big priority when dealing with this issue and this is something that the Dominican Republic believes is essential to the eventual control of the trade as a whole.


 Historically, the Dominican Republic has been actively involved in many different UN-lead initiatives such as The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961 and the United Nations Conference Against illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances of 1988. The Dominican Republic has ratified, accepted and approved the measures for both the 1988 and 1961 conventions. In order to find an effective solution, the Dominican Republic, along with countries should continue to take action to control and eradication the international illicit drug trade once, and for all. 

  • Taj Dhillon

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