September 16, 2019
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Dominican Republic

Special Political Committee: Libya


The Libyan conflicts since the 2011 Arab spring have had tremendous impacts on the wellbeing of its citizens and the country’s climate as a whole. First came the 2011 revolution and civil war, which did not solve any problems, and then came a second civil war, which came in 2014. As a result of elections that took place in 2012, in 2014, Libya’s ruling party became the General National Congress(GNC). This party consisted of some “secular moderates” and Islamists affiliated by the Muslim brotherhood. Fast forward to September 2019, after a new government was formed, the Government of National Accord (GNA), General Khalifa Haftar and the House of Representatives refused to recognize this new government, resulting in the on-and-off siege of Tripoli. All of these events have left many Libyans displaced and in harm’s way. I would like to stress the importance of protecting these civilians and finding a solution to the problems Libya faces as well as preventing any more civilian casualties. 


In the past, the Dominican Republic has shown its support for the civilian population affected by the ongoing conflicts, and the 2 civil wars.  The number one priority for the Dominican Republic as of the moment is to come up with a solution that enables the civilians to either continue to love their lives safely or exit the country to seek refuge. In either case, the Dominican Republic would like to denounce the attacks on civilians and focus on keeping the migrants heading through Libyan territory to remain safe. As the Dominican Republic has taken part in the Security Council’s 8611th meeting on the topic of Libya’s ongoing conflicts, it would like to continue to provide support to the countries that are actively trying to find and implement solutions immediately. The effort to find a resolution about Libyan conflicts occurring today should be of utmost importance for all parties involved.


In this committee, the Dominican Republic’s main objective is to find ways to help solve the conflict and to find ways to keep civilians out of harm’s way with the help of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. We would like to see a transparent dialogue between the parties involved in order to find a fair solution and outcome. As we know that this conflict is and has been extremely deadly, an efficient yet effective solution is what we are hoping to achieve. In any possible resolution, the Dominican Republic urges other delegates to follow the arms embargo already set forward which will help cool down the flames of the conflict as the arms embargo has been flaming it for quite a while.


  • Taj Dhillon