September 16, 2019
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Dominican Republic

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP): Access to Water


Water, along with food, and shelter, is one of the necessities to sustain a person. Without it, life is not possible. In today’s day and age, there is very much a large disparity between the haves and the have nots. Around the world, in 2017 at least 2 billion people used a source of water tainted with fecal matter.  Most people do not have to even think about water. Turn the tap and it appears. On the other hand, people are struggling to survive and have to resort to drinking dirty water that has not been sanitized. According to the WHO only 71% of the world’s population used a clean and stable source of water. That means a whole 29% of the world either can’t find a source of water or is using a dirty one.


This topic is something that is very close to the country and the people of the Dominican Republic. As a still-developing country access to a clean, and reliable water source is something that we have been striving to achieve and is something that we have made great strides in. 


Before 1999 our water supply went through many changes for the better and the worse, and development of this system came to a halt. In 1999, though the Dominican Republic was approved for a $71 million loan to rebuild and help to bring our water systems up to the modern standards that the rest of the developed world has enjoyed. Since this great investment, we have made major steps that have brought our percentage of people that have access to fresh and clean water up to 87%.


Through the time spent in committee, the goal should be to set programs in place to help countries improve their overall water quality and access to water. This should be though funds that are dispersed to countries through aid. These funds can be used to drill wells. It should be said that funds should also go to research into efficient seawater desalination. As we look toward the future, this issue is crucial to us and global stability. We look forward to working with other nations to solve this common problem to help us all.

  • Harrison Hill

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