September 16, 2019
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New Zealand

United Nations Environmental Protection: Access to Water


The lack of access to drinkable water is a severe problem, countries all over Africa, kids walk extensive distances for the chance to be able to fill up jugs of water when they should be allowed easier access to water. Everyone should be allowed easy access to one of the most important things that keep us humans alive.


We believe specifically the access to water is not a current issue for the people of New Zealand, even though as urban development continues to grow as well as industrial and rural use which makes clean water usage for some people a concern but not one that needs to be acted upon so soon. The problem needs to be monitored because as of right now 83 percent of people have access to clean water but if the development of urbanization, industrialization, and rural development increases the number of people who have access will go down.


All the solutions I would like to put forth in this committee is funding NGOs that take the time to help poor countries that have people fighting for access to water. We also need to help countries build a proper sewage system that will properly clean water so that the water they drink is not filled with bacteria and help prevent water scarcity from getting any worse.

  • Jacob Wolfgang