September 16, 2019
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New Zealand

United Nations Environmental Protection: Renewable Energy


As the delegate representing New Zealand I will be discussing the topic of Renewable Energy. With these types of energies, they are very safe for the environment and keep burning of fossil fuels or keeping the limit of greenhouse gasses down so that the Ozone layer doesn’t keep getting ruined that would cause even more problems. But there are numerous countries that changing to this would cause problems because their way of life is based on huge power plants that renewable energies wouldn’t be strong enough to produce.


40 percent of the primary energy in New Zealand is renewable. Back in 2017, 82 percent of all energy produced was renewable and back in 2007 the former Prime Minister Helen Clark said she wanted to reach a national target of 90 percent of used energy to be renewable energy.


I would like this committee to recognize all the good that renewable energies can do for the environment but also understand that most renewable energies need certain weather conditions for them to work so they may not be the most effective way in some countries. We believe putting money into researching solar power and making it the most effective form of renewable resources that also helps with energy storage so whenever there is not enough solar power there will be plenty of reserved energy for use.

  • Jacob Wolfgang

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