September 16, 2019
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Dominican Republic

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP): Renewable Energy


Through the quick growth of the Dominican Republic up to one of the leaders of the Carribean that it is today. Through the years of growth one of the problems we have hit is increased pressure on the electrical grid, and developing it to sustain all the citizens in our country. Through this process of growing, it could also be said that the electrical side has been one thing that could be seen to hold us back. According to the UNEP 80% of the energy in the world is produced by fossil fuels. This is an unsustainable way to continue, according to the Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (MAHB) the Earth only has 30 years of oil, 40 years of gas, and 70 years of coal left at the rate we are currently consuming. As we go through this we look forward to a greener future using renewable energy sources to help cut greenhouse gas emissions. 


This topic is one that is at the center of our country currently. Through needing to develop our grid and supply ourselves with more electricity, we are looking for a way to grow. This opens up the possibility of powering the Dominican Republic through green energy. In the Dominican Republic, there is a greater demand for energy than we can supply. Because of this, our population has turned to generators and other ways of making their own power. Renewable energy is a good way to turn away from these dirty diesel generators into solar panels and turbines that can be controlled close to home, or in a large scale be used to power a whole country.  


In 2007 only 88% of our people had access to power. This is a number that is hopefully only going to go up. The hope is that we are able to find new ways to make energy. We hope to preserve the greenery that surrounds us and keep the earth clean.


Through this committee, I hope to expand the use of renewable energy throughout the world. I hope to find clean solutions to the world’s dirty energy problems. Solutions for the world will help all countries involved, and we look forward to looking for new ways to create energy, in a clean, safe way. 

  • Harrison Hill

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