September 16, 2019
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People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

Preventing illicit arms trade


Illicit arms to be clear is the illegal and unethical trade of arms and ammunition. The arms that the organizations receive contribute almost exclusively towards civil violence. One example of a powerful arms trade group is The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). This group has a revenue of 500 million US dollars and enables 15,000 small arms and 2.5 million rounds of ammunition. Small arms are utilized to kill roughly 500,000 deaths annually and the illicit arms trade makes up almost 80 percent of the casualties. 


My country has seen this problem first hand with our civil war in 2002. The Islamic Insurgency was a nongovernmental body that mandated the practice of Islam. They enforced this through acts of violence that are attributed to similar Islamic terror groups found in the middle east. The violence turned into a firefight when the Insurgency tried to bully the police and security officials. After gunfights broke out with firearms from arms dealers in north Africa, the government crumbled. Since the rebels had the same firepower as the military of Algeria my country fell. However, now my country is strong and the only way to ensure the strength and security of the people all over the world is to stop the illicit arms trade. 


In committee, I wish to discuss the implications of registering all firearms in every country to limit the ease of illicit arms trade. If all arms that are traded over borders have to be registered then this will eliminate most transactions that are international. Also if the firearms are made in a country maybe there could be criteria that all gun manufacturers have to abide by, eliminating military firearms through restrictions. Such as the full automatic restrictions seen in the United States.

  • Cameron Cribbs

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