September 16, 2019
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People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

Private Military Contractors


Private military contractors are groups that supply combat, arms, and experience to organizations for financial gain. Some examples of this are G4S, KBR, Northbridge service group. They benefit poorly trained and organized rebel groups or strike teams and tend to work with governmental groups. This takes the pressure off the government to hold boundaries and eliminates politics from border holdings. However, these citizens take on the government’s responsibilities of protection and preservation of the peace. 


Algeria has a strong belief that private military contractors are overstepping civilian roles by taking the government’s role.  Since Algeria’s economy is based on France’s mixed economy my government needs to control business through regulation, and the private military contractors overstep a business role in society. This is why we believe that private military contractors must not be able to do actions that our government has the jurisdiction. Furthermore, the people of Algeria discourage civilian-owned firearms as seen by a study from the University of Sydney shows that civilian gun ownership dropped from 7.6 percent in 2007 to 2.1 percent in 2017. 


I desire to see a discussion on regulating private military contractors or eliminating them from boarders. One solution I see for this is to use the political power of the UN to pressure countries into implementing regulations on private companies producing military-grade weaponry. Another solution is that encouraging countries and high ranking officials to look towards the UN peace force due to the fact that they operate almost identically. This could be done through regulations or making the process of receiving un Peacekeepers more efficiently and more cost-effectively. I would like to also align myself with France and other countries that operate similarly to Algeria. 

  • Cameron Cribbs

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