September 16, 2019
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November 13, 2019


FROM: Republic of Korea

SUBJECT: Infant and Child Nutrition

Royal Oak High School

Infant and Child Nutrition


The Right to Health states that there must be an obligation to prevent threats to health from unsafe and toxic water conditions. This is stated in the Human Right to Water. It also express thoughts on water being used for necessity. This right applies to every country in the UN. It should be a well known fact though. 

Child obesity is a large worldwide issue. In South Korea, the percentage of obese children has gone up 3.2% over the course of five years. This is a pretty dramatic increase, but compared to other countries it’s on the smaller side. Child obesity has caused a big worldwide issue and most of it is to blame on what’s available for families. Many families have issues with affording healthy foods. This causes unhealthy foods to be very popular. The unhealthy foods become more addictive in children because they crave the taste. This can cause some of the issues with obesity. The availability of healthy foods is some of the issue. 

Another issue is how affordable and available unhealthy food is, which can make it more popular among poverty stricken areas. The Borgen Project is an organization which specifically talks about child nutrition in poverty stricken families. Two of their main objectives they deal with are starvation and newborn survival. They are an organization which could greatly help with ideas for nutrition in children of poverty. 

There are multiple solutions available to help child and infant nutrition. One is to focus mainly on water toxicity. This could be a useful source of some health issues but water toxicity is such a worldwide issue. Water toxicity must involve everyone and would take time. Another way is to mandate public meals. Mandating public meals would make sure everyone would be receiving the ‘right’ foods to eat. The only issue becomes what will happen if they don’t eat the provided food. This solution could create a tremendous amount of waste. 


We believe the best solution for now is to mandate some public meals. Schools and other more private places should mandate what they feed their students/employees. This would cause some waste but it would also provide the opportunity for others to get certain foods they might not get at home. Water toxicity is very important as well, but the amount of damage we have already caused has put us in a deep hole. We should try to improve water toxicity but the amount of resources needed are not available. We hope that all these issues become better over time but we should try to help.


  • Meg Gierula