September 16, 2019
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Disarmament & International Security Committee 

Preventing the Illicit Arms Trade


Vincent Holden


Disarmament & International Security Committee needs to address the problem of the illicit arms trade that is affecting the world on a global basis, but is growing to a disturbing precedent in war ridden countries or with countries that have a lost or corrupted leader.

Rwanda and the surrounding region have laws that prohibit the import and export of firearms, but with the increase of illegal arms smuggling and trade the laws have no effect, and with the recent increase of malitas and private military contractors could lead to places with already war torn area be ̈invaded¨ by another problem (ie. malitas and private military contractors).  With half of all illegal gun trade being light arms this could and is becoming a rising issue mostly because the lighter arms are both easier to smuggle in and easier to hide on ones body.


Lastly firearms can be used in different ways, like taking people hostage that side with the other side in the war they’re fighting, they can use them to overthrow the government of their country, or worse take the lives of innocent people that didn’t want to be involved in those events.


  • Vincent Holden

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