September 16, 2019
 In 2019-Abuse by Peacekeepers, mud1

November 14, 2019

Submitted To: SPECPOL

From: Rwanda

Subject: International Drug Trade


The situation in Libya is one of deep concern to the Republic of Rwanda. We must work to combat this issue in a two facet style approach. Firstly and possibly most importantly we must ensure the protection of the civilians of the world seeking to travel through or around Libya. Secondly, we must work to solve the tense climate surrounding the political situation in Libya. We must work together as a world but also as a region to solve this crisis. 

First of all before we can discuss solutions, we must figure out the questions we must have solutions too. Firstly we must determine who we want to present the solutions we come up due to the nature of how this conflict started? We must also ascertain how we dissuade outside parties from making this conflict worse by adding arms and or supplies to the conflict?

The Republic of Rwanda strongly believes that our main focus should be protecting the civilians involved in this conflict whether traveling through or otherwise. One of the founding principles of the United Nations has and always will be human rights and therefore we must take action to stop these outrageous killings. In July the African Union called us out “Reminds that the United Nations (UN), though its Security Council has the primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security in accordance with Chapter VII of the UN Charter”. We must take actions towards protecting these civilians whether it be by recommending the use of peacekeepers or any method of protection that the committee chooses to use or recommend. Secondly we must also take steps toward solving the conflict in Libya. We have to be extremely careful about how we deal with the conflict due to the fact that many surrounding countries do not want outside interference in the conflict.

Overall the Republic of Rwanda looks forward towards taking swift and decisive action on this conflict.

  • Jake Wilcox

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