September 16, 2019
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DATE: 11/10/2019


FROM:  The Socialist Republic of Vietnam. 

TOPIC:  Renewable  energy.


Renewable energy is the production, engineering, and use of energy using functions that create little or no greenhouse gases when in the process of generating energy.  The Renewable energy industry has seen much growth and influence in many nations across the world when confronting the prospect of climate change, and global warming. Using cleaner forms of power production and harvesting is highly regarded by most governments as the most practical way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and restore environmental integrity in the atmosphere. Our nation views the topic as a severely important issue affecting all nations and people across the globe.  The conversion from traditionally used fossil fuel sources to using more environmentally safe forms of energy production such as Wind power or solar, are investments that our government believes greatly in. Securing a cleaner and safer future for our people by providing efficient and clean energy sources in the future is one of our greatest goals. 


How can our nation’s government use renewable energy sources to combat climate change and issues involving every increasing carbon dioxide emissions from long-standing fossil fuel using energy industries.  What Renewable energy sources are best suited to take over the role of producing power for larger grids and cities? What Renewable Energy sources what would be best suited for lower demand and or domestic power production.  When dealing with nations whose economy is predominantly based on fossil fuel harvesting and the use of those fossil fuels for energy production, what is the best way to persuade them to convert from fossil fuel energy to cleaner, renewable sources of energy.  We have to wonder if using renewable energy sources is the most effective and efficient of combating climate change in today’s world? Is a possible agreed upon carbon tax an effective way to combat fossil fuel use and promote the use of renewable energy sources. 

A good resolution would set reasonable parameters about what kind of renewable energy sources would be the most effective and efficient when approaching the demand of power our modern day cities and industries.  It should also address the use of fossil fuel versus the use renewable energy in the global economy, recognizing what regions are more reliant on which non renewable resources and which have made bigger investments towards cleaner energy production.  A good resolution must see an agreement by most nations to make any sort of significant stride towards reducing reliance on fossil fuel use promoting the use of renewable energy sources, without damaging or causing any sort of major economic strief or public unrest.  Vietnam would like to see significant push towards a predominantly renewable energy powered energy sector in nations producing the most carbon emissions from their current energy sector. Vietnam would like to see a resolution that identifies the use of more renewable energy sources as an effective and safe way to combat ever increasing carbon dioxide emissions and global warming.  

Many nations across the globe have instituted various policies to help promote the use of more renewable energy sources in their economy.  Nations like China have significantly increased the base of their renewable energy industry in the past few decades by addressing many health concerns regarding extremely poor air quality in parts of the nation, and by meeting targets set by themselves.  Utilizing more modern technology and investing in experimental or untested renewable energy sources could turn out to be a worthy investment for every nation to help use more renewable energy sources. 


At the conference, my delegation will work diligently and efficient to spread the use of renewable energy sources in all nations across the globe.  We will pass a resolution that promotes the use of renewable energy sources by working with other nations to propose an agreement on investing in renewable energy plans and by setting goals to meet. 


  • Aaron Purrenhage

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