September 16, 2019
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Disarmament & International Security Committee 

Private Military Contractors


Vincent Holden


Disarmament & International Security Committee has to take a stance on private military contractors and what their tactics really are when they are hired and if they’re helping the area they’re in or are they hurting it. 

The pros to PMCs are that they can be used as security in areas of conflict, such as Syria and other civil wars areas, they can provide peace when need be and stay there to keep the peace.  Unfoutantley the co to PMCs are that they can be abusive, for example toututre/ sexual harassment on prisoners, greed/ corruption, and the worse case being executions. With Africa being a hot spot for civil wars and declining governments PMCs can and are profiting off of the torment of these people.


Rwanda ́s stance is that PMCs could be both positive and negative seeing how they can be kept there to keep the peace but also go to far in terms of  ̈keeping the peace¨.


  • Vincent Holden