September 16, 2019
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Natural Disasters are a problem all throughout all the world. There are earthquakes, landslides, floods, and so on. Some of our more developed countries have many ways of repairing, predicting, and defending against these horrible events. However, developing countries would have a much harder time with these issues. One example is the Ivory Coast. Flooding has been severely affecting their economy. During the rainy season, there are no natural harbors and has heavy surf, which causes a lot of flooding. In 2018, a major flood hit the Ivory Coast which caused 18 deaths, and caused a lot of structural damage. The prime minister, Alassane Ouattara believes it is a major issue that needs to be addressed to ensure the safety of the people. Another big problem in the Ivory Coast is poverty. In 2015, the poverty level in the Ivory Coast was a record high of 46.4% of people. This issue started with the Prime Minister saying that he wanted to focus on rebuilding the economy and restoring domestic security.

The president declared 2019 as a “year of social actions” to provide jobs for thousands of people. Due to the success of this year, the poverty level decreased to 46.3% percent poverty, and has been predicted to fall even more by October 2020. Some problems still stand to decrease the level. One is that women must be respected and given jobs, as the IC has one of the highly rated gender inequalities in the world according to the UN. Natural disasters are being dealt with by building artificial harbors to help make flooding less of a risk for its inhabitants who live by the water. The UN actions on this issue is that the Ivory Coast needs funding to be able to build these harbors, as well as ideas on how to fix the economy issue in this country.


Some suggested courses of action for fixing this would be developed countries to help support the IC by giving money, sending workers, and helping fix the economy by creating job opportunities, and stop the gender inequality between men and women. Ghana is a country already helping the IC with flooding, as it is a problem in both countries because they are neighboring countries. India, Russia, China, and France are all allies with the IC, and other countries with embassies from the IC like Canada, the US, Lebanon, and Mexico could help with some of these known issues in the IC.

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  • Kyle Pardee

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