September 16, 2019
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The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has watched nations allow their people to fight and struggle over the international drug trade for decades on end. The delegation looks begin to put an end to that in the committee. The Glorious Republic has never suffered from any form of drug epidemic or demand problem for a simple reason: the DPRK has always dedicated part of its budget to border security and drug law enforcement.

The DPRK would recommend that all nations follow the steps it has taken in order to reduce the effects of the International drug trade. Rather than focusing on supply and demand, focus on how that supply gets in and how will enforce said supply. The demand will ultimately diminish if you quell the addiction that ensues the supply. In order to do so though, a nation must invest in border security and drug law enforcement. By stationing a large number of military and anti-drug personnel along a national border, especially when near a drug producing nation, it makes it easier to enforce drug laws. Nations can control drug trade more because they can simply send drug shipments back to the nation they came from, or claim them as illegal and seize them. This allows for every nation to control the flow of drugs into its country. The downside of this though is this does cause in an increase in illegal trade. That can be solved by increased investment in drug law enforcement though. If nations were to invest in sophisticated drug law enforcement, such as the United State’s Drug Enforcement Agency(DEA), this would quell the amount of illicit drug trade taking place within a nation. A strong military-like force would control the flow of drugs throughout a controlled area and ultimately create a lack of not only supply for drugs, but demand for drugs, as the more they crack down on them, the less addicted a nation’s citizens will become. 


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has always had a tight policy on drug trade and drug law enforcement. That policy has created a pure and non-addicted society within the one, true Korea. As long as there are loose guidelines and loose enforcement surrounding drugs, the deadly and addictive culture surrounding them will only grow and become more dangerous. The delegate implores the committee to take an aggressive approach to this topic and make major domestic reforms. It is for the betterment of the global society that the DPRK is so delighted to play a part in. 

  • Olivia Jackson

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