September 16, 2019
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Access to Water


Oliver Shapton


Currently, locations all around the world are constantly at risk due to the lack of access to clean water. In fact 3 of 10 individuals lack access to clean drinking water. With countries lacking access to water, and the difficulty of transporting water to locations all over the world, the concern, is a growing issue. When human beings aren’t provided with an essential substance that allows them to live, chaos and death occurs. When countries are left with unsanitized drinking water, more than 800 children are left to die due to diarrheal diseases each day. However, the lack of clean and accessible water does not only lead to illness and damage to an individual’s health, but leads to gender inequality, an un-sustainable production of food and energy, and impacts the climate. 


France has been in a long lasting fight against the lack of clean and accessible water sources. France, like many other countries have worked for a future, where every individual has access to clean water, as it is their right as a human. In the past, we have supported resolution (A/RES/64/292) as well as resolution (A/RES/21/1) in order to make it a priority for all countries to work towards a better and healthier future for all. We have joined the Blue Group, and continue to play a major role in achieving the Millennium Development Goal of halving the amount of population that has no access to clean water. France has funded and supported water related projects through 600 million euro donations, focusing on the need to change the reality of our word.


It is clear that we as United Nations, must come together to defeat this issue. France proposes further implementation and support of water related projects in dire locations such as Dakar in our to produce water systems that are closer to where the individuals live. This allows for better access to clean water while not forcing women to give up their right to an education to support their families. Further France proposes support from all countries to increase sectoral funding towards sanitation, making it fit the needs of the populations in need while also emphasizing efficiency and maintaining a healthy global climate by reducing waste produced, which therefore promotes a healthy water cycle. 


France’s mission is to create a world, where children aren’t dying and educations being deprived from women, but a world in which humans have access to an essential source, clean water. We hope that has a group of nations we can fix this issue while also protecting our beliefs in a sustainable ecosystem and economic system.


  • Oliver Shapton

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