September 16, 2019
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United Nations Environment Programme

Renewable Energy


Oliver Shapton


Currently, global warming is on the rise, impacting the sustainability and health of our ecosystem, as well as the lives of each human on this planet. In the past, we have fell on the reliance of energy sources such as fossil fuels, but in the current day these inefficient energy sources have only lead to a threat on our world. Because of global warming, our water levels have increased exponentially, greenhouse gas levels have reached dangerous levels, leading to damaging impacts on the health of individuals. Not only is the use of gas, coal, and oil, horrible to the environment, but they are unrealistic. Within 52 years gas will run out, followed by oil a year later, and 150 years from now, coal will disappear. Not only is renewable energy an issue for developed countries, but those underdeveloped can’t even produce energy through methods such as gas and oil. Renewable energy is a must in order for our future to be sustainable and healthy for not only developed countries, but for every individual. 


France has seen the failures of energy sources such as gas and coal, and works to continue to develop renewable energy sources to replace those that have failed us and our environment in the past. In 2014, 14.3% of France’s energy consumption came from wood, hydroelectricity, and biofuels. Later in 2015, are renewable energy production consumption increased to 23%. Because of this increase in renewable energy, France not only benefited the environment, but created 2,000 new jobs in just one sector of renewable energy. Through the development of the Energy Transition Green Growth Act, France has implemented tireless goals to continue to increase renewable energy. 


In order for a hopeful future, our nations must come together to create policies to promote renewable energy. France promotes the development of policies and organizations to continue to test the benefit of renewable energy through wind, biogas, marine sources, geothermics, and many other sustainable sources. However in order for these concepts to be tested and developed, we must work together to produce funding in order for a healthy future to even be possible. Further, it is essential that we do not only focus on the needs of developed countries, but develop renewable energy sources that would be designed for those that don’t have any energy to begin with.


Through the implementation of policies and organizations listed above, France aims to create a world in which renewable energy allows for efficient energy for all individuals, while putting an end to global warming before it is too late.

  • Oliver Shapton

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