September 16, 2019
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The use and trade of illicit small arms is a far reaching and impactful issue. While Indonesia is not home to a “gun culture” it is aware of the immense strife and chaos caused by the the unregulated or loosely regulated trade of weaponry. Indonesia firmly believes that this problem must be met head on so as to eradicate the use of small arms by terrorist cells not only within Indonesia but across the globe.

While this is the case Indonesia believes that the assembled body must tread carefully so as to ensure that there will be no infringement upon the national sovereignty of the assembled nations as when all is said and done the situation surrounding small arms distribution varies drastically from country to country.  Building on this, Indonesia believes that whatever agreement is reached cannot be one that renders a country incapable of maintaining a well supplied and up to date military force for the purpose of accomplishing its foreign policy aims should it prove necessary.

Indonesia is open to any and all solutions that do not lead to the crippling of its ability to function as a modern state.

  • Jack Norman

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