September 16, 2019
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Dominic Zaidan

DISEC – Illicit Arms Trade

Mattawan High School

Recently, the safety of the world has been threatened by those that allow the illegal trade and manufacturing of weapons.  Since 2000, the amount of arms traded in the world has increased to, at times, reached over 32 billion. More and more violent acts have been made possible by the international community’s indifference and neglect of the illegal arms trade.  Despite measures which attempt to rectify this problem already being in place, countries unwillingness to comply with the measures passed has led to an increase in crime, both violent and otherwise. The drug trade has benefited as a result of the illicit arms trade’s growth, with crime lords able to deal with organizations who would stand in their way.  The arms trade has also allowed areas of heavy conflict, such as the middle east, to continue their bloody conflicts as well as escalate them.


Nigeria has been a victim of the international community’s indifference.  Nigeria, as well as the rest of West Africa, has seen an alarming increase in drugs brought into our countries, as well as an increase in the amount of pirates raiding ships, whose contents benefit many other countries besides Nigeria.  We as a country has determined that a solution must be reached that ensures that this problem does not continue to influence our future. The arms trade needs to be dealt with in a manner that ensures country’s rights are not infringed upon, but that makes sure that no more innocent lives are cut short because of the short fallings of their governments.


As a country we suggest that heavy consequences be levied on those that support, publicly or privately, or allow a healthy arms trade to have a presence in their country.  The UN must create a force to combat these smugglers and those that supply them with their illegal goods as well as shelter and information. We recognize that these changes and suggestions are easier said than done, however they must come to light in some way shape or form or else the future of our world’s safety is a grim one.


  • Dominic Zaidan

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