September 16, 2019
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Iran is a country in Asia with little access to clean water.   Iran gets their water mostly form out of the country exports and dams due to their water containing a bacteria that causes one to have a diarrhea death.  Iran’s water supply is very poorly constructed and not sanitary at all. While the water is supplied through modern infrastructure such as dams, reservoirs, long-distance transmission pipelines and deep wells.  Tap water is very unsafe to drink due to the amount of bacteria in the water from lack of filters and distilleries.


Pollution of water in Iran is because of the industries not properly disposing their waste.  Pollution was also caused by municipal wastewater as well as by agriculture. The collection of sewage is discharged untreated and constitutes a major source of pollution to groundwater and a risk to public health.  Many suffer from the bacteria that resides within the untreated water.


Most of the tap water in Iran is safe for the most part due to their new accords in 2014 that made sure they built new water infrastructures cleaning their water.  However, this has not gone all over the country yet, so there are many unsafe parts which affect the children causing them to become infected and die from constant diarrhea.


  • Mitchell Kovacic

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