September 16, 2019
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Dominic Zaidan


Mattawan High School


Private military contractors or PMCs have had a role in war for decades.  They have allowed countries to bolster their militaries. They provide much more than simple soldiers, they act as security forces, guarding assets that the military cannot or does not want to spare troops.  For countries that are not able to support a military or simply do not have the technology to support a military of their own, it allows them to hire a force to act on their behalf.


For years now, Nigeria has taken advantage of those that would lend themselves to our cause for money.  We have recently enlisted multiple organizations help in order to assist us in our fight against the terrorist organization Boko Haram.  Their assistance has allowed us to rescue some of their kidnapped victims. We believe that these mercenaries are extremely useful in our fights and are in favor of keeping them.


We recognize that there have been acts committed by these guns for hire that are unacceptable, however Nigeria is of the mindset that their usefulness outweighs the risks that come with their hiring.  Some regulations could be implemented, however oversight is not necessary and would be in violation of country’s rights.


  • Dominic Zaidan

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