September 16, 2019
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Committee: DISEC

Topic: Private Military Contractors

Country: Seychelles

Delegate: Sam Sullivan

Private military contractors (PMCs) have been on the rise since the 1990s. Their demand has increased as many humanitarian groups have stated that they use PMCs for security and defense of their assets while in zones that may present a considerable threat. In recent years many reports of abuses have led a shift in the attention of the international community to look into the methods employed by PMCs. Cases such as the Nisour Square massacre in which PMCs were responsible for the shooting of Iraqi citizens resulting in 17 deaths. Another incident that has drawn international attention is the use of electrical shocks and sexual assault on prisoners at the Abu Ghraib, a prison in Iraq. These methods are in direct violation of international law. Efforts have been made to stop limit PMCs in military conflicts to avoid more reports of abuses. The most prominent of these was the United Nations Mercenary Convention. This convention lasted from 1989 to 2001 and was a result of numerous complaints about PMCs during the decolonization of Africa.

The nation of Seychelles does see how countries and organizations rely on PMCs for security from threats. The UN itself has used PMCs in the past in war zones such as Iraq or Afghanistan. As a country that solely relies on its voluntary coast guard and national guard see have virtually no use for PMCs. 

Seychelles is in full support for a resolution that would set up a list of acceptable situations for the use of PMCs. This resolution should also contain restriction to be placed on the PMCs in order to reduce the amount of abuses and to stop any further massacres or tortures. We also believe that this should be built on the initial steps taken at the United Nations Mercenary Convention.


  • Sam Sullivan