September 16, 2019
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United Nations Environmental Programme 

Renewable Energy 

United Kingdom 

Gabby Flint 

Mattawan High School


When fossil fuels are burned, not only is carbon dioxide released into the air, but so is mercury, sulfur dioxide, benzyne, and formaldehyde. Since 1985, the depletion in the Ozone layer has raised the concern of destruction of vital ecosystems. The United Nations, however,  released a statement in 2018 saying that the Ozone layer within the Northern Hemisphere could be fully restored by the 2030’s with cleaner, renewable energy sources. Cleaner renewable energy sources would cut down on gas emissions, aiding in improved air quality along with restoration of the atmosphere. The United Kingdom sees the value of renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, and water and strongly believes in the value of implementing such energy sources.

Renewable energy has become a very viable and important source of energy that the United Kingdom. Out of the total energy generated, 30% of it comes from renewable energy sourced. The top renewable energy sources in the UK are wind power and solar power. Within wind energy, offshore and onshore wind plants create large sources of energy. Being completely surrounded, the wind speeds become high enough for wind energy to become a viable energy source for the United Kingdom. In 2012, the UK government published a statement that by the year 2020, 16% of all homes ( 4 million homes out of 25 million homes ) will be powered by solar energy. Hopefully by 2025, the United Kingdom government hopes to close down all of the coal powered plants, which will make the United Kingdom a country with an electricity system that produces zero carbon. This action would make the UK a leading nation in a cleaner energy system. 


The United Kingdom would favor for this committee to put policies in place to mandate that every member nation have a minimum of 2 types of renewable energy in place to make the majority of the particular nation’s energy supply coming from renewable, clean energy. The UK is open to giving aid to nations unable to economically support such policies. The United Kingdom is hoping for open collaboration on this topic and for a solution that works for all to be reached. 


  • Gabby Flint