September 16, 2019
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Committee: SOCHUM

Topic: Combating Racism and Xenophobia  

Country: Nigeria 

School: Mattawan High School 

Delegate: Julian Willow 


Throughout the history of mankind race has played a part on how different people groups perceive and act towards each other. Almost every country’s history has had a struggle with the issue of race. Be it from segregation in the United States, or the Bosnian genocide many atrocities and injustices can be pinned to the issue of racism. Even though these events listed may have progressed, many countries have again begun a struggle with racism or are continuing to struggle with the issue of race; such as, the rise of white nationalism in the United States, and increased xenophobia in many European countries such as Germany where xenophoibc parties, like the AFD, have gained seats in their country’s parliament. To help solve this problem, we are willing to work with the international to help combat against racism and xenophobia.     

Ever since our independence from the United Kingdom race and ethnicity has always played a part in Nigeria’s politics. Nigeria has long suffered from racial tension with over 250 different ethnicities. To protect our many ethnicities throughout our country laws that protect against racial disccrimination have been created. If some atrocity is to be committed against an ethnic group the perpetrators will be properly punished. For example, when the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, a Shia organization, was accused terrorist attacks our government took the proper precautions and arrested Ibrahim Zakzaky who was the leader of the organization. Furthermore, Nigeria’s government has had many leaders from multiple ethnic groups have held office. This shows that Nigeria is able to somewhat curb racial tensions to allow those who have fairly won an election to hold office. Nigeria is willing to help other nations to solve their race related issues in order to create a more tolerant world. 

In order to solve the issues of racism and xenophobia, we are willing to work with others to help solve these issues. We would also support providing countries the necessary opportunities to combat racism and xenophobia on their own terms without overstepping their boundaries.


  • Julian Willow

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