September 16, 2019
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Country: Iran

Committee: UNDP

Topic: Disaster Risk Reduction

Delegate: Connor Baney

School: Mattawan High School

Natural disasters offer humans a unique set of obstacles. Considering that for the most part, these disasters are unavoidable, the way in which we as a committee decide to address this topic will set precedent for the delegates that will discuss after we are long gone. Worldwide, many areas of the world face extensive damage at the hands of natural disasters every year, and we as a nation would like to reduce this.


In Iran, Major natural disasters include frequent serious earthquakes, floods, droughts, landslides, desertification, deforestation, storms and the like. Earthquakes take a heavy toll. Iran is part of the Alp-Himalaya orogenic belt and is known as part of the youngest and last orogenic regions of the world. Considering Iran is a rather impoverished nation, the way natural disasters affect our constituents often time means we have limited means to recover. Just this year, Iran faced flooding that claimed the lives of 77, injured another 791, and caused over 2.2 billion dollars in damages. Due to this tragedy, Iran feels that this topic is especially relevant.


As a nation, we are willing to cooperate with other nations to help provide the means to recover from such disasters and provide infrastructure that allows countries to recuperate from said disasters with more ease. 


  • Connor Baney

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