September 16, 2019
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Griffin McEvoy, Mattawan High School


Special Political Committee(SPECPOL): Libya


After the death of Muammar Gaddafi, Libya has been a bomb ready to explode. Libya is extremely unstable, having had multiple civil wars in the past decade. To combat this instability, they attempted to put a government in place which was rendered ultimately pointless due to the House of Representatives refusing to recognize it. Due to this instability, the lives of those in Libya are in danger, and our solution must advocate for the protection of civilians.

Iran as a country recognizes the GNA as a government, and we plan to support them through their civil war efforts. Iran is known for their fierce human rights, and seeing the effect these civil wars have on those in Libya is unacceptable. The main component of our solution should deal with the protection of civilians, both those who reside in Libya and those who seek to leave. Each should be allowed to do so safely. The country of Iran condemns the attacks on civilians, and subsequently we see the HoR as a terrorist supporting group. We plan to provide aid to those who support anti-terrorist organizations, and hope to work towards helping the citizens of Libya.


Iran has a mission to find some route we can take to effectively solve the issue at hand, while at the same time help the civilians. Terrorist organizations are not to be reasoned with, and we need to put our full support behind the GNA to ensure citizen protection. The need for a quick solution is necessary because everyday multiple civilians are unrightfully killed. As the UN, we should recognize the GNA government, and discuss ways to not only solve the problem, but in a manner that protects innocent civilians.


  • Griffin McEvoy