September 16, 2019
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Private military contractors, those being companies which perform decisive military actions, have become reason for major concern in recent decades as their existence has become proportionately more active from numbering 1:50 with normal militaries today being 1:10, a dramatic increase.  The problem, in recent, revolves around abuse of power among these private armies. One under PMC in Iraq was known to have tortured many and overstepped international codes of human rights to achieve tactical goals. As this plague of abuses worsens this problem must see immediate attention.  

As a nation of great prowess and major world influence, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland would like to stress the importance of our acceptance of UK mercenary and military private groups.  These groups have provided immense aid in the war on terror, saving innocent lives for the past decade and a half. We believe these companies should be self-regulated, not having to comply with the rules of foreign powers as they risk their lives in the name of freedom and security.  Our contractors provide international civilian protection, leading the way in sensible warfare against dissenters of human rights. Situated around the world, we see no limiting factor in the scope of our operations.  

To solve this pressing issue, we would not accept over regulating counter-terrorist powers.  In keeping with the interests of our contractors, we cannot hinder their ability to complete missions with unnecessary and unwilling rules of war.   


  • Mason Oudekerk

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