September 16, 2019
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Racism has been a constant problem throughout history. We have made strives to suppress xenophobic behavior: trying to end slavery, attempting to obtain equal rights, and acsept others as they are. These are all still problems through third world countries today. However in recent years, the hateful behavior as resurfaced. Strives in the United States are very clear with movements like Black Lives Matter and such. As more people begin to speak out about the remnants of xenophobia, others gain confidence to do so as well. 


In the United Kingdom, surrounding the issue of Brexit, the migrant population has been questioning what will happen with immigration and minorities rights. With racism as known issue, delegates have been able to address the issue head on compared to shadowing the issue as so many people do today. With so many people fleeing the middle east, Brexit is causing much debate on how to handle migration. My country has not taken a stance on migration yet; however, it is very clear that we are for racial equality and the end of xenophobia. It will always be difficult to completely defeat racism because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but Britain is taking strives to limit these citizens influence over others. Limiting powerful people’s ability to suppress minorities it a top priority as parliament drafts brexit.


The United Kingdom wants to limit suppression of racial minorities and attempt to end xenophobia and racism. In order to do this, the United Kingdom can produce solutions. More laws can be passed supporting minorities and limiting the power of those that suppress them. We will want to cooperate with other countries ideas on how to resolve this issue. We want to officially end this problem.


  • Lily Ross

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