September 16, 2019
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Iran has grown in their use of fossil fuels.  Before 1954 Iran was very good with their use of fossil fuels, not really exposing CO2 into the environment.  Since 1954 Iran’s use of fossil fuels has gone up substantially. Every year since then it has gone up by 6.3%.  Now in current times the amount of fossil fuels used account for 43% of Iran’s emissions.  


Only 0.2% of energy produced by Iran is renewable energy.  Iran has been thinking of implementing ways to stop the use of fossil fuels such as green energy.  Iran is the most advanced in its development of renewable energy, mostly due to its past investments in hydropower schemes. Lately, however, it has been taking big strides in terms of wind and solar power, with a slew of new projects announced over the past few months.


Iran stands with the belief of using green energy rather than fossil fuels.  However, due to lack of money and financial issues it would be hard to implement this in most countries.  The fossil fuel consumption as of 2014 in Iran is 98.99%, which is dangerously high compared to most countries.   However Iran has been working hard to rid themselves of this problem by putting their money and time towards renewable energy.


  • Mitchell Kovacic

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