September 16, 2019
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Delegate: Rachel Zaidan 

Country: Kenya 

Topic: Disaster Risk Reduction

Natural disasters are often unpredictable, sudden, and dangerous. Therefore, it is important for countries to be prepared for these disasters, and to be prepared to manage the destruction that does take place. The most common tragedies include floods, earthquakes, and extreme temperatures. Every nation suffers from some type of natural disaster, and every nation has different means of dealing with these disasters. Dams, building structure, and decreasing climate change are all possible prevention techniques. However, these solutions require money that many nations can’t spare. When these tragedies do inevitably hit, many countries also lack the resources to respond quickly and effectively. The dangerous nature of these incidents make discussing disaster risk reduction crucial. 

Kenya’s most common disasters are floods and droughts. Being a poor country, Kenya struggles to prevent and handle the damage of these destructions. What’s worse, Kenya’s economy is mostly agricultural, meaning the entire country suffers each time Kenya endures a natural disaster. As a result, Kenya is likely to welcome any solutions that take increased action in disaster risk reduction. Kenya has begun climate change prevention programs and drafted a national policy for disaster management in the hope that the damage of future natural disasters may be decreased. Additionally, Kenya launched a training program in order to help pastoralists know what to do in severe weather events. Still, there is more to be done in Kenya to reduce the risks of disasters. 

A possible solution could be developing financing strategies for countries that lack the money to provide ample risk reduction in their country. This will overcome the main challenge in preventing natural disasters, which is the poor nature of many of the countries facing these severe incidents. One possible financing strategy could be channeling donations for the creation of preventive structures. Kenya is looking forward to working with other nations to increase disaster risk reduction and save lives.   


  • Rachel Zaidan

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