September 16, 2019
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In the 21st century, the international drug trade is arguably one of the biggest issues on the world scale. The markets created for these substances as well as the health concerns that go with them have prompted this concern. The Cote d’Ivoire supports cracking down on the abuse of these substances as well as the illegal smuggling of these products into our nation. This illicit market has become especially prevalent in the lives of young people. According to data found in surveys from various municipalities, roughly 17% of students have used hard drugs at least once in their lifetime. This alone is too high. By aiming to implement programs that increase national stability, the reach of this drug market can be decreased and broken down. The prevalence of these markets can only be attributed to recent conflict having destabilized the government. By this logic, the international drug trade can be taken care of through the rebuilding of law enforcement and judiciary agencies to carry out the law faithfully.


To mitigate the market issue here on the consumer level, we have begun an extensive program educating people on the dangers of drug use and the implications of them in terms of HIV/AIDS risk. This has not changed much of the drug issue. In fact, because of lower-level corruption in law enforcement officials, many smugglers have simply bribed officers into letting them pass. This has led to very few documented seizures of substances such as marijuana, cocaine, and heroin.

  • Ian Pardee

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