September 16, 2019
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The International Drug trade is something that has always been prevalent and affects many lives around the world.  There are problems in finding out where these drugs are coming from and how to separate the legal and illegal ones.  But this is our job as a committee to find an effective solution that can bring an end to all of this madness. This is not a topic to be taken lightly and there is no opposing side to this.  This illegal drug trade must stop


Here in Nigeria the problem has been on the rise a lot as of late.  Most of these drugs are found to have originated in places such as Afghanistan and Latin America.  The decline and subsequent break down of the oil industry as well as new tariffs and restrictions on exported natural resources in the 1980s incentivized many Nigerians to turn to the less restricted drug trade. Over time, this has led to a global presence of Nigerian criminal networks centered around the drug trade and the creation of Nigerian DTOs, or Drug Trade Organizations.  Nigerian drug trafficking organizations are administered top down by drug barons who manage a mix of operators, or “strikers”, who work as intermediaries in building foreign relationships, administering drug sales, and faking legal documentation.


A good solution to this problem is to attack these drug barons directly and to find their ties and burn them too.  Along with doing this we should also give international aid to countries that are in need of help with drug addiction problems.  A country like Nigeria is just not rightfully equipped to deal with such problems and any aid at all would be very helpful and looked upon kindly by the Nigerian Government.

  • Connor Williams

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