September 16, 2019
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Prior to 1989 Romania was in the top 10 arms producing countries in the world. During  the 90s our arms exports dropped dramatically from 1 billion in revenue to roughly 43 million by 2006. Our arms industry has declined due to western european regulations, embargoes and trade bans. The arms industry for Romania is vital to our economic stability. Rather than regulate the arms trade further we as nations must do anything and everything to expand it. 

Expanding the arms trade will not only help Romania but will also help other nations in Eastern Europe as well such as Serbia and Croatia who have similar interests in the arms trade. 


Addressing a concern of the Romanian government concerning the arms trade is a current ban on arms trade with China that has been imposed by the European Union. By continuing to enforce this ban we are only setting the path to destroy a very profitable global trade. 


Addressing economic concerns Romania calls for the immediate removal of the current arms embargo on China in the european Union and those of other countries that have economic opportunity to expand the arms trade

  • Nicholas Wickerham

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