September 16, 2019
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Special Political Committee(SPECPOL): Libya

The conflict in Libya since July 27 has rapidly escalated, and communication is breaking down. Tensions prior to this were extremely high since roughly 2014, when the General National Congress (GNC)could not reach any agreements on larger issues. In addition to this, several members of this assembly were accused of channeling funds to conservative Islamic militant groups, creating a conflict of interest. The crisis reached a breaking point when an airstrike was conducted on an airfield near the capital, Tripoli. The attack killed four civilians and wounded seven. According to information given to us by Libyan officials, they believe that the attack was ordered and carried out by those loyal to the warlord Marshal Khalifa Haftar. Marshal Haftar did this as a part of Operation Dignity, a campaign he started to drive out the Islamic militant groups ISIL, one with many ties to the government. By resolving the issues in Libya politically, this conflict can be resolved without firing another shot. 


There has been a lack of communication with the Libyan government, with not much word regarding whether fighting has started between the several belligerent parties or not. Despite this, there is enough information present that a plan of action could be determined. Because of the conflict of interest among GNC members, the first step would be to eliminate any religious bias in agendas of the members. This could be done by finding the members responsible and removing them from office. However, if military action is necessary, the best course of action would be to first eliminate the presence of the militant group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL. This could potentially involve allying with Marshal Haftar in these efforts. Peacekeeping forces could also be deployed to help with these efforts, but this is also not advised. In the end, it is advised that a resolution be passed to try and mitigate the conflict and create a compromise between all belligerents in the conflict.

  • Ian Pardee

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