September 16, 2019
 In 2019-Abuse by Peacekeepers, mud1


FROM: South Korea



The conflicts in Libya have dissolved into unnecessary violence motivated by senseless acts of greed. The violence has expanded from battlefields and is dangering the civilians in Libya. As the nation bounces from peace and progress to war and destruction more and more innocent lives are being claimed. The Libyan government has become a temperamental fuse waiting for the next opportunity to blow. As majority control within the government continues to change the UN must take a stance to support the powers that must aline with the values of our charter. Without definitive support or boundaries from world forces, the powers within Libya will only continue to violently explode and disrupt the progress of the nation.


As a body, we must begin to consider and answer the following questions. How can we communicate with the current powers about increased diplomacy? It is crucial that the powers within Libya begin to use diplomatic means to settle and benefit from conflict. As the current power struggles begin to settle the nation must learn to balance the beliefs of its people and government. What resources does the civilian population of Libya need? As the war has expounded the people of Libya have been exposed to war and the consequences of the battles. Without resources, the people of Libya are put at risk of severe human rights violations. In addition, not only are the citizens of Libya at risk but the dozens of refugees using Libya as a path to Europe are in danger. Although we are not in the committee to solve the refugee crisis we must take them into consideration as they are also greatly affected by the conflicts within Libya. Lastly, and most importantly we must address how we can build and support consistent growth within Libya. As the nation yo-yos between peace and war the economy, agriculture, and trade profits of the nation have paid the price. Without the stability of power the nation can not grow and will continue to struggle. We must encourage the nation of Libya to transition powers carefully, the ultimate goal is to lift up and continue the growth of Libya.

  • Katherine Mooney

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