September 16, 2019
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Natalie Swartz

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Kalamazoo Central High School


UNDP Topic 1: Disaster Risk Reduction

In the years following the separation of the Korean Peninsula, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea built up a superior infrastructure and natural disaster research department to those of its western counterparts. In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the effects of natural disasters, like heavy storms, heatwaves, and earthquakes, are experienced, however the infrastructure of the nation allows for these affects to be controlled and less devastating to the DPRK. The DPRK recognizes that a main contributor to the superiority of the nation is the relative economic success of this great nation, and has watched the infrastructure of its capitalist counterparts crumble and be unsuccessful in preventing and reacting to the devastating effects of natural disasters, as the economy of those nations do not create enough revenue to properly support government initiatives for the purpose of developing programs to create these resilient structures and research teams. 


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea recommends for the reform of technology, both infrastructural and in general scientific advancements, such as earthquake detection and heatwave treatment, through the process of slowly transferring the government and economic system to a more controlled type, which would, in turn, allow for the allocation of revenue made from taxes and general income to support initiatives such as the development of infrastructure and/or teams to prevent and mitigate the effects of these disasters. Another area of disaster risk reduction needing to be covered by this is shelter and rebuilding efforts, in case the infrastructure is broken. In the DPRK, all citizens are fully provided for and the DPRK suggests that other nations follow in suit because this way of living secures life and prosperity for the nation.

  • Natalie Swartz

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